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The smell of the top of your newborn’s head...

The way you feel when your three-year-old hugs you with all her might...

The way your heart bursts with pride when you think of your family...

The way your heart aches when you imagine life without them...

bella vita photography creates award-winning images that evoke all of the emotions that come from living a life well-loved. We specialize in every phase of your child's life, from maternity and newborn, through high school senior. We want to be there to capture every age and stage as your family grows and evolves.

We also understand what it is like to be the mom that is always behind the camera, charged with the duty of recording her family's history. If something happened to you today, would your children have any images to help them remember how much you loved and cherished them? Moms: EXIST IN PHOTOGRAPHS!! Do not wait until you have lost 10 pounds, retouched your roots, or found the time. Life will not wait, and your family loves you just as you are at this moment. To your children, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. We know how to pose and light you to make you look and feel your absolute best. Celebrating the special bond that your family shares is so much more important than what you look like, and we our images will showcase your relationships.

Let us work with you to design unique pieces that display your family as the beautiful work of art it is. Is there anything you treasure more, that you would display in your home and on your walls? 

Lori McCoy, CPP is the owner and award-winning photographer for bella vita photography. Located in historic German Village in Hamilton, Ohio, we are easily accessible from Greater Cincinnati and the entire Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana tri-state region, as well as the Greater Dayton area. We have been in business since 2007, and are well-known for our artistic creativity and cinematic style.

order to explain why you should hire me, I should explain why I do what I do. I have found that most people don't care what I do, but are more interested in why I do it!

Have you ever come across a photograph from years ago, and the moment you look at it, you remember "Oh yeah, I remember that day. We were camping at that park, and we went on the longest hike, and we had so much fun, even though we were hot and sweaty and covered in bug bites. When we got back, we roasted hot dogs and we were so hungry that it was the best food we had ever tasted." You may not have thought about that day or experience for years, but when you look at that picture, you are immediately taken back to that moment, and the emotions that surround it.


That is the power of a photograph.


I remember when I was little (and even more so now that I'm older), I used to love looking at old photographs of my parents and grandparents, wondering what they were like at my age. What were they interested in? What did they like to do when they went out with their friends? I lost my grandma when I was a junior in high school, and I missed her so much. Photographs of her became so priceless, because they gave me a chance to still look at her kind face and look into her eyes.


Now, stop and think about how many actual photographs you have from the time you were born until now. If you are like most high school juniors or seniors, you probably have very few actual physical pictures of yourself after about 2004 or 2005. Why? Well, the digital age came along and people stopped printing pictures. You might have school and sports or dance photos, but probably not much else. What will you have to remember these years? A whole generation is disappearing from recorded history with no physical images. Digital files are lost and corrupted every day. All digital files will corrupt. You can never make another image from a corrupted digital file. 


But professional, archival-quality prints will last 150 years or more. And you can always make a negative from a physical print. Take a stand and prove that you existed. Leave a photographic footprint behind for those that will come after you. I do what I do because I am a history keeper and a storyteller. Let me tell your story.


In case you are wondering about my qualifications, I have been a nationally Certified Professional Photographer since 2010, and I continue to invest in ongoing education through seminars, workshops and schools sponsored by Professional Photographers of America, where I have been an active member since 2008. I currently serve on the Board of Trustees for The Winona School of Photography, and am passionate about helping other photographers learn and grow their skills. I am the Vice President of the Professional Photographers of Southwest Ohio, and an active member of Professional Photographers of Ohio. I value the friendship, guidance and inspiration I receive from other professional photographers. I have received personal training and education from some of the top-recognized photographers in the world. I love applying my technical skills, experience and artistic talent to create beautiful award-winning images that are treasured by my clients.